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John Wiegenstein

Your lawsuit is important – shouldn’t you have a hand in crafting a resolution, rather than leaving it up to a judge, or a group of 12 people picked off the street? The majority of civil claims can and should be settled by the parties. John Wiegenstein, with over 30 years of experience in civil litigation in courts throughout western Washington, can help you make that happen.

John can help attorneys and their clients cut through to the key issues that are in the way of settling, and help get to an agreed resolution of the case. Attorneys and their clients save time, expense, stress and strain, and reach a resolution that they agree to.


Over 30 years of Washington civil litigation practice



Based in Kitsap County, I am flexible and available to travel wherever needed to get the job done, and can offer remote mediations via ZOOM to accommodate travel or health concerns


Simple, cost-effective mediation fee structure

  • $400/hr. total for 2 parties
  • $450/hr. total for 3 to 4 parties
  • No charge for “administration” or travel
  • No charge for review/prep time

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Why Work with John?

I’ve spent over 30 years handling civil litigation in a variety of western Washington courts, with a wide variety of claims including personal injury, property damage, construction litigation, environmental cleanups, land and boundary disputes, surface water drainage, landslides, insurance coverage, homeowners association disputes, and more. I’ve seen the effects that litigation has on the parties – the expense, the time and emotional stress and strain, and the lack of predictability of court decisions and ultimate case outcomes.

Most of my work has been on the defense side of these claims, working with insurance carriers to represent their policyholders when they get sued. So I understand how carriers work, how they evaluate claims, and how they approach settlement.  And I also understand claims from the plaintiff’s perspective, and their particular strengths, weaknesses, and motivations.

After all these years in the front lines of litigation, I prefer to use my experience to help parties get their cases settled instead of continuing the conflict. I’ve participated in a lot of mediations as counsel, and completed the WSBA’s approved 40 hr. mediator training course.

If you don’t see a case like yours specifically mentioned here, that doesn’t mean we haven’t dealt with something like it before. I’m always happy to discuss whether I’m a good fit for your case, or whether I can refer you to another mediator who would be better suited to the job.

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